Why you Should Use Our Services

  1. Various Residential Boot Camp courses for all Dogs with outstanding results!
  2. A professional Pet Transportation Vehicle is available for collection of your Dog(s) from all over the UK. We use a former RSPCA Chief Inspector with 37 years of service in the industry, to make sure your Dog has the best possible travel
  3. Access to over 100 acres of training facilities available
  4. Limited amount of Dogs trained at any one time
  5. Customers kept up to date via videos after 12-14 days
  6. One to One Training with the Owner when you collect your Dog From us
  7. After-care Support For Life
  8. Over 30 Years of Dedicated Passion with a great understanding of training all breeds
  9. One Person to take care of your questions and answers
  10. Straight Talking & Honesty
  11. Great Testimonials from Existing Customers!

Dog Assessments

Many dogs need to be assessed to anticipate the dog's behaviour to certain commands before further training is undertaken. 

Obedience & Control

Obedience and Control of any dog is one of the most important factors you need. Without this you could potentially have a nightmare. 

Behaviour Problems

The fear of actually having your dog misbehave at Home or in Public can be not only annoying but embarrassing. 


Antisocial dogs can be very unpleasant.

In a lot of cases this can cause stress, not only to the owners but the dogs too.

Guard Duties

Guard Dogs are trained to a very high standard for Personal and Business Use.

BOOT CAMP Facilities

Various Intensive Training Courses for Dogs that are kept for a period of time 

at our training facility to undergo their training.

Please Note: Booking reservations on all Dog Training courses require a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit.

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