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Kimberley Mainprize - York - Riggs - Black Lab

No words can do justice to describe how good of a trainer Tim is. My dog Riggs was an absolute nightmare, extreme lead pulling, aggression towards dogs and we couldn’t even give Tim a good point about him!

It was difficult Riggs being away, but Tim and his family are absolutely lovely. They were very welcoming and put us at ease. Tim also updated us over the phone and sent videos and photos.

When Riggs came back he was a totally different dog, so much calmer. Tim showed us Riggs’ results from training and we couldn’t believe it, the lead control and not reacting to things he once did. He also showed me how to do what he had been teaching Riggs and stepped in to show me when he was being difficult. He also made sure I was happy with the results and wanted the honest truth. I am extremely happy with what Tim has done, Riggs is SO much better and I am so grateful for Tim’s help. I don’t regret sending him to Tim, as now I have a dog that I thought I was going to have to re-home, due to him being incredibly difficult to handle, to now a dog which I no longer feel I have to give him up.

Now he’s home, the training doesn’t stop, and we’ve got the tools and tips from Tim so we can be the trainers!

Again, I am extremely pleased with Riggs and Tim is an exceptional trainer. 

Francesca Pirito & Alex Evans - Alderney - Male - GSD - Vito


Well where do we start we can not thank Tim enough for an amazing job he has done with our two year old GSD Vito. The Training Tim did with Vito and the knowledge Tim has of dogs just blew us away.

While searching the internet for dog trainers we discovered Interdogs. I dropped Interdogs an email an within an hour I had a call from Tim asking how he could help us with Vito. Tims been amazing from the first time We spoke with him to the present day.   

So Vito is our 2 year old GSD he has been part of our family since he was 8 weeks old. Vito is a Big Character. However he has unfortunately suffered with Anxiety, pulling on the lead, being very disobedient, stubborn and suffered with aggression towards people and other animals due to his anxiety and getting stressed. I will admit that we have spoilt Vito and let him get away with thinking he was the Alpha but that was no more once Vito spent 8 weeks solid training with Tim. 

Of Course Vito was a big miss to the family, But Tim reassured us with his weekly updates of how much Vito was progressing. 

Eight weeks went by and came the day we had to pick Vito up and undergo some training of our own from Tim.

 Tim and his wife Amelia were so welcoming and Amelia makes an Amazing coffee. Tim sat us down and spoke about Vito's training what food he had Vito on and what lead/Chain we should use on him from now on. Tim read to us a summary he had written over the course of the 8 weeks of what he found of Vito, 

We were then re-introduced to Vito. 

Honestly we really didn't know what to expect when we saw Vito but when we did we were astonished,by the progress Tim had made with Vito. Off we went with Tim and Vito to do some 1-1 training, I'm not to sure who was more scared of Tim US Or Vito!!!!!  Anyhow Tim demonstrated what he had achieved with Vito over the 8 week period. We noticed a positive difference immediately. Tim then walked us through the new commands and what he had taught Vito and he made sure we fully understood what training we had to carry on with once we got Vito back home.

So our training was shown and completed. Then before we left Tims House Tim gave us a leavers pack with all the relevant information we needed. To read back through whenever we felt the need too.

Tim also told us if we ever need any help or guidance once we were back home to just get in touch with him. And of course we have spoke with Tim since being back home just for advise on a couple things and Tim yet again has been amazing and helped us through them. 

Overall Tim has been the most helpful and supportive Dog Trainer we have come across. We would recommend Tim to anyone that has trouble with there Dog, Tim is very consistent has a lot of patience and does not give up on any dog no matter how bad they may be. 

Inclusion we would just like to say a massive big thank you to Tim and his Family for doing such an amazing Job with Vito. We could not be happier with how Vito has changed and changed for the better. Vito is now a much calmer,relaxed Dog. 

Kind Regards


Patricia Parker - Kent - Bella - St Bernard X French Mastiff

Bella is a 1.5 year old St. Bernard/French Mastiff mix which means she is very big! She is a lovely dog with the family but prior to Tim’s training, she was very reactive to other dogs and sometimes other people. It had become near impossible to walk her without her reacting negatively to outside influences. We knew we had to do something. We found Interdogs and spoke with Tim and then we asked for references and checked all of them. All of the references stated how happy they were with Tim’s training. Bella stayed with Tim for a month. Upon her return, I spoke with Tim on the phone. I was unable to get Bella and had her transported back to our house which was about three hours away. Tim wrote up a summary of Bella’s training and sent videos showing how he controls Bella correctly, with the proper collar and lead. He also showed on the videos the proper position to place her to ensure she is non-reactive to another unknown dog. Upon her return, we rested and decided to take a “test drive”. I was extremely nervous about this. For one, I’m a short female and have spoilt Bella since she was 8 weeks old. Tim was very adamant that firm commands and lead handling are needed to be successful. Bella knew what to do, but did I?

We went to a park where I knew other dogs would be. I saw two dogs in the distance coming towards Bella and me. I visualized the video and remembered Tim’s words. I had her sit and then dropped the lead to touch the ground to give the command to Bella to  lie down. Bella went down and did not react to the other dogs. Success! We then went into an outdoor café at the park where five dogs were all around the benches with different people. Bella did not react at all. I followed the same routine and she was good as gold. Now I’m really excited!

 Emboldened by our success at the park, I went for my main wish for Bella; to walk around downtown and not have her react.  We went into town, practiced sitting and down along the way. We entered the main plaza where several people had dogs.  The first time, I had Bella sit and lie down, and the second set of dogs, we took a chance and walked by. Prior to this, Bella would have pulled on my lead, lunging at the other dog and begin to bark. Now, she eyed the dog, but did not react and kept walking on!  I’M ELATED!!!!!  

So happy we found Tim! We have the dog we want and more importantly, the tools to work with her properly. I highly recommend Tim and would be honoured to give him the glowing recommendation he deserves.

Thank-you Tim, for the excellent training and  keep making those brilliant videos!

Kirsty Stubbins - Cambridge - Jax GSD


I cannot Thank Tim enough for what he has achieved with our GSD Jax. Tim’s training and knowledge is second to none. He has changed the way we think about being an owner. 

Jax was very anxious and nervous around other people, predominantly men. Now we have no issues with Jax and we are keeping up the training daily.

Tim and I had extensive telephone conversations prior to dropping Jax off. When we arrived, we were welcomed into his home, met his beautiful family and had copious amounts of coffee (Thanks Amelia). We handed over our ‘Naughty list’ of Jax’s bad habits and a ‘wish list’ of what we wanted Tim to achieve and discussed them further. 

I will never forget Tim walking up to our car with Jax in the back, barking at him, and was absolutely mesmerised at the fact this total stranger, walked up to the car and retrieved Jax so easily! From this moment on, all doubts or worries were gone, I knew Jax was in safe hands. We said goodbye and Jax trotted off besides Tim to the kennels without even looking back!

4 weeks of training and Tim sent me updates, he kept in touch, sent pictures, and of course told me to stop worrying!!! 

The day finally arrived when it was time to collect Jax, we were again welcomed in and debriefed on the past 4 weeks, (again, thank you to Amelia for the coffee!). Tim collected Jax and we watched on from the house as an obedient Jax jumped out of the car and waited for Tim’s every command. The feeling of pure happiness I had that day watching them literally brought a tear to my eye. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was like watching a dog show at Crufts! He was a transformed dog!

Tim then took my partner Ryan off for 1-1 training with Jax, showing him everything he learnt, from all the commands to how to correct his behaviour. I was then taken away for my 1-1 training and shown the same. All our queries and questions were answered, and nothing was ever too much trouble. 

It has now been a month since Jax was there and training at home is still ongoing. Jax tries to push his luck sometimes and we now feel we have the knowledge and confidence to put Jax back on track. It is a pleasure walking him! 

The new lead and collar Tim recommended (and used on Jax in training) works wonders. When we first arrived home and walked him on his normal lead, he pulled (again, trying to push his luck! As soon as the new lead was delivered, Jax was transformed. It must be the noise of the lead that makes him realise, he is in ‘training’. 

Jax is also on a raw food diet now too, another recommendation by Tim and I would not look back. Looking forward to having a catch up with Tim and family when we collect our next batch of food!!

Tim, you are amazing, and we can’t thank you enough for what you have done, you have transformed our family! We really appreciate the ongoing support you have given after training also.

Phil and Rachel Loydall - Derby Douglas GSD 16 Months

Firstly thanks Tim for your expert demonstration and patience today when we came to collect Douglas.The 3 hour handover was a big learning exercise for both myself and Rachel. I am determined to carry on with your amazing work with Douglas and we are both staggered at the progress he has made whilst with you for only 4 weeks.

His new obedience is at a different level and his anger towards other dogs has been taken out of him.everything we wanted has been achieved by your training methods and it is now up to us to carry it on.

Even down to the choice of lead to use!!

We have also learnt a lot about the way we will select our next dog from listening to your extensive knowledge.

thanks again Tim and see you with our next dog!!

Richard Penney & Jade Coombes Devizes - Braxton - GSD - 10 Months

Braxton is our 10month old GSD. He's a beautiful specimen of the breed and our pride and joy. We got Brax when he was 8 weeks old and it wasn't long before we started to see he was very highly strong and believed he was the Alpha, we didn't help matters as we spoiled him and would always make excuses for his naughty behaviour. It wasn't until a very embarrassing trip to the vets that we realised we needed help. Brax was now a large 9month old puppy who was becoming difficult to handle. So we made the decision to find a trainer, we were advised sending him away for training could be the best option for us due to his breed and so the search began. It wasn't long before we came across Interdogs4u, after reading the reviews we decided to make an enquiry, after an essay of the good and bad points of our boy the enquiry was sent and no more than 30mins later my phone was ringing and Tim Oneil was on the other end responding to my enquiry. The decision to send Brax away was not made lightly and we some what felt as though we had failed our puppy. Within the first few minutes of the call Tim had put our minds at ease and explained that now was the best time to do the training. 1 week later we were set for the 4 1/2hr trip for the training to commence. After about an hr with Tim and his wife it was time to say goodbye for 4wks. The first week was extremely difficult without him and we missed him dearly but we knew this is what we all needed to be able to live together happily so we pushed through. 1 week later we received our first update and video and we were both surprised at what Tim had already trained our boy to do, he was sitting and staying on command a milestone we never thought we would reach. The weeks flew by and then the day came to collect out boy. We sat with Tim and his wife before Tim fetched Brax. Then the demonstration began and it's safe to safe we were completely astonished by the obedient dog before us...not just any dog though but our dog, the dog we thought we had failed and would never be controllable. At handover Tim explained to us in depth the training he had given Brax and the commands we needed to continue training at home. We weren't on a time limit and Tim spent as much time as we needed to ensure we were learning the commands. Then it was time to take him home. The first couple of days we decided to let him get reaccustomed with home again but ensured boundaries we set so he didn't just think things were going to go back to normal. Now 2 weeks on Braxton is continuing to be a more obedient dog, he's now a lot calmer and listens to the commands we give. Don't get me wrong he tries pushing his luck from time to time but he soon realised he's no longer the Alpha. We both now know that we need to continue to put in the hard work to ensure Brax continues to build his obedience but we are extremely happy with the progress he has made.

We can't thank Tim enough for all of the hard work and hours he put in to training our boy. It truly was the best decision we made. 

Many Thanks 

Jade & Richard

Olivia Riley North Elmham Border Collie Obedience


My 14month old border collie, Bridget, was gorgeous and incredibly loving, however, when outside, be it in the garden or on walks , she turned into a completely different dog and would not listen or look at me, meaning I could never get her in the house or back on the lead. I loved going for long and short walks with my other dog Lily the Labrador, but I had now become to dread them. I found Tim on the internet and was amazed to see he lives 15 minutes from me. He was really helpful and told me that Bridget was definitely fixable and suggested she stay with him for a three week course. Like most dog owners, I was nervous leaving her behind but on meeting Tim and his lovely wife Amelia and their son, they put me at ease and explained what would happen over the next three weeks. After about ten days I was worried that Bridget hadn’t made any progress as she had been a right madam, and it was obvious that I had completely over indulged her and she had gotten away with too much. But after two weeks, Tim’s updates were a lot more positive and the videos of her in training and socialising with the other dogs were wonderful to see. On picking Bridget up, he spent time with me, explaining all the training he’d done with her and made sure I was doing things right. He said I was welcome to contact him with any issues I found, and whilst Bridget was perfect for Tim, the minute we got home she immediately went back into her old ways and ignored me, but with Tim’s advice of being patient and persistent, and showing her who’s boss, she eventually listened and came back. It’s now been about three weeks since she’s been home and I’m enjoying her listening to me, and still amazed at the new dog Bridget has become. In years to come when I get my next dog, I will be sure to take her to Tim at about 6 months old. I would definitely recommend Tim at Interdogs. It may sound corny, but he certainly changed my life. Thank you.

Kelly Smith Birmingham Black Labrador

I approached interdogs with a different request as most customers and they delivered with ease
I am wheelchair bound and I needed a dog that was able to assist me in daily living and interdogs not only located a breeder but took a dog on and gave him weeks of training to ensure he was up to the standard I needed. They delivered this dog on time and with his accessories gave me the information I needed and provided advice over the phone afterwards

I would use this company in future without a doubt and I would recommend to others 

Mr & Mrs Neale, Shropshire - Willow Black Labrador Problem Dog


Having been owners of Labradors for years and current owners of two well behaved labs (5 years & 12 years) we were extremely shocked when we introduced a third dog into our lives – Willow. At 12 weeks of age she was the most confident pup we had ever encountered, nothing scared her and she had her own mind! She became the boss of our other two dogs although the older one does tell her off occasionally and it appeared she was becoming the boss of us. At 10 months old we were at our wits end, we had grown attached to Willow but her defiance was unbelievable – she did whatever she wanted to when she wanted to and despite us trying to discipline her she wouldn’t listen. We feared we would end up rehoming her but as a last hope we reached out to Tim Oneal (Inter Dogs Training) and thought we would try the 2 week boot camp he recommended.

We sent Tim a list of all of the issues we were experiencing with Willow and he took the time to tailor a focused program to attempt to address most of the issues. From what I understand she proved quite a challenge but at the end of it on the whole we have ended up with a dog which walks nicely to heel on the lead, in the main comes back when she is called (she does still get distracted at times, but then is still only a pup), sits and stays when told and waits till she is given the command to eat the food we put down for her. Throughout the time that Willow was with Tim, he called us regularly to provide us with updates and even sent through videos to demonstrate the success he was having with her. Even after the two weeks Tim has been very supportive and has no issues with us calling him to ask his advice/guidance. Willow is a very different dog to the one we sent to his Boot Camp – whilst she does still challenge us (predominantly with her puppy antics), she is overall well behaved. We can recommend Tim Oneal’s services and we are happy to speak to anyone who requires any further information.

Pauline Hadlow Dereham - Shep Border Collie Obedience


I have owned many dog's over the years.

Finally deciding on a border collie. I picked this breed for its Intelligence and easy training.

At 9 1/2 months Shep had a mind of his own.

I had spoilt him and it did not take Shep long to rule the roost.

He would pull me all over the place when on the lead and was no pleasure

to take out, he would not take any notice of any commands we gave him.

So I went on the internet and found Tim on Interdogs. I contacted him and we took Shep over for Tim to see how he behaved with me

We talked and Tim said he wanted Shep for 3 weeks. 

The first week I phoned Tim to see how Shep was doing Tim said he was a Handful but its early days.

The 2nd week the update was Shep was starting to respond, he was walking on a lead and not pulling he was sitting and going down on command.  

By week 3 Tim had him staying on command and was ready for us to pick up.

Tim showed us what Shep could do  it was lovely to see him walking by his side on a slack lead.

I couldn’t believe it, when Tim let go of the lead, Shep kept to his side he was sitting, going down and staying on his commands and all this was done in 3 weeks. 

Tim said if there were any problems to ring him at once.  I cannot praise Tim enough for what he has done with Shep, and would not Hesitate to Recommend Tim to anyone who needs help.

John & Linnette Kilmartin East Sussex - Gunner Sprocker Spaniel Obedience


Tim, the owner of Interdogs, is an exceptional dog trainer, very caring and passionate about his work.  We first met Tim when we delivered our springer spaniel, Gunner, for a recent three week training programme and we knew immediately that he would be in excellent hands.

Quite simply Tim achieved everything with Gunner that he said he would.......and a great deal more! Together with my wife Linnette, he agreed a training programme for Gunner and promised to send her regular videos of Gunner's progress. Linnette looked forward to receiving the videos with great anticipation and each one showed the step-by-step improvement that Gunner was making under Tim's guidance.

Tim's skill working with dogs is truly exceptional and we highly recommend Tim to every dog owner who wants to have their dog trained, in a caring environment, and in the knowledge that their dog will benefit hugely working with someone who is truly a "Master of his Trade".

Sarah Brown London - Boerboel Problem Dog

I would highly recommend interdogs

They are so kind and helpful. And really helped with our situation with our dog when I thought all was lost for him.  They gave him all the help he needed to be the dog we all knew he is. Thank you !!!

Alison Walters Brighton - Springer Spaniel Obedience

What a star I had a 12 month old Springer Spaniel that I had taken to many classes locally to no success. I called Inter dogs and sent my dog away for 3 weeks the dog is now incredible. Love these people!! 

Frank Olsen Coventry - Malinois Family Protection Dog

Absolutely Brilliant, so helpful they got the results I was so desperately looking for. Thank you again  

Patricia Thomson -TODMORDEN German Shepherd Obedience

My dog Zultan was out of control and very disobedient he wouldn't do anything for us we were at the end of our teather and didn't know what to do until we found Tim at Interdogs he is a life saver Zultan has been with Tim for 5 weeks and what an amazing job he's done with him I never thought that it was possible I highly recommend Tim to anyone who has a problem dog thank you very much Tim x  

Eddie & Janet Ryan Lowestoft Cocker Spaniel Obedience

Dexter our Cocker Spaniel has been with Tim for three weeks, and I cannot believe the difference!!! He went to Tim as a over excited one year old, and he now actually does as he is told. He has learnt to have good manners but still retain his wonderful personality. Tim genuinely cares about the dogs he trains and gives brilliant aftercare, he has given us a pack to help us carry on all his good work, but also is on the end of the phone for advise. We have already booked him back in for a refresher week in June to make sure we have kept him on the right track. Thanks Tim for all your help 

Jill Arnold Norfolk Wolfdog Obedience

We have an Anglo Wolf Dog called Bear. He is very large, heavy, bright and very stubborn, if he doesn’t want to do anything he won’t. Before Bear we had 2 German Shepherd Dogs who were the complete opposite, they were bright, easily trainable and wanted to please.

We wouldn’t say we were at our wits end with Bear, but sometimes he could test your patience.

So, we decided to find a trainer for him that would be suitable, so we found Tim and Interdogs.

On our first meeting with Tim, he understood our problems, put us at ease, but asked what we wanted from Bear, so we gave him a long list and we must say he came up trumps.

Bear is now 16 months old, an adolescent puppy/dog still a bit stubborn, but we work with him daily, but 100% better than before his stay with Tim.

We would recommend anybody who wishes their dog to be trained and looked after exceptionally well to stay with Tim and his family.

Goyer iltaf Birmingham Presa Canario Obedience

My 6 month old puppy Boss was an absolute nightmare to walk on lead. he would pull.. jump up at me ... bite the lead and at times my coat.  but fast forward a few weeks and he’s just a delight to go for walks with after all thanks to Tim’s training. Plus having Tim’s support after having Boss back has really helped boost my confidence with my dog  

Mr & Mrs Lawson, Aberdeenshire - Max Labrador

We purchased Max from Interdogs as he required rehoming due to previous owners
ill health. As you said in your ad he is very obedient and he would be the
perfect edition to any home. this is certainly the case. Max has been trained
to a very high standard, really sociable and a lovely addition to our family.
Tim is true to his word and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Interdogs