Whatever the distance, we can collect!

Customers who are booking Residential Boot Camp Courses for their dogs, quite often prefer using our own 

Professional Dog Transport Vehicles to collect their dogs from the comfort of their own homes.

Our vehicles are fitted out to the highest standard possible, giving you the peace of mind your dog deserves.

Your Dogs are handled with care and compassion by an experienced, calm Dog Handler. 

Regular checks are carried out whilst on route to our Training Facility with water and comfort breaks for your dog.

Ask us for further details on costs and availability when booking. (UK Mainland Collection Only)

Call us today on 01263 860600.


Training Completed

Now its the Owners Turn to Be Trained!!

On the completion of your Dog's training, I personally prefer our customers to collect their Dogs 

from our Training Facility.

The return handover of your Dog is quite involved and Intense. 

We not only demonstrate your dogs training, but we also train you personally with your own Dog.

Providing you with Aftercare support for Life!!

My Personal Opinion

After 30 years of Training each & every dog it makes me feel proud to achieve the difficult tasks set before me.

From having dogs being a Real Nightmare and turning them into angels in only a few weeks makes me more dedicated and passionate about what I do.

That's why I personally give my Customers a Lifetime of Support because WE CARE!!

Hope to see you soon