About Us

Family Ran Business

Family Run Business with Decades of Dog Training Experience in 

Obedience and Manwork.

Why Interdogs?

Only between 5 and 6 Dogs are Trained at anyone time.

Guaranteeing the highest level of Training throughout your Dogs stay. 

Life Time Support

We Offer all Our Customers an Aftercare Support Service that provides you with any help you may need in the future.

All free of charge

About Us

Dog Training

Inter Dogs are based In rural North Norfolk and offer various training options, whether it's an Intensive Bootcamp Course, or a One to One Training Session with you and your dog in our 13,225 Sq Ft Enclosed Secure Outdoor Training Facility.

 Or try our accessed training areas of over 100 Acres.

We have many UK and International Customers who, throughout our 30 years in this industry, have enjoyed the success of our ability and superior training techniques.  

At Inter Dogs, we don’t only train the dogs, we can also train the handlers to give you and your dog complete competence and satisfaction.   

So wherever you are in the UK, we are here to help.

We are a specialised committed team that trains dogs for all aspects of obedience and guarding duties.  We can either sell, source or supply you with a fully trained dog. Or perhaps you want us to train your dog.   

Our dogs are highly trained to our clients’ individual purposes, should that be for Obedience, Personal Protection, Family Protection, or any other Guarding Duties. 

Through our selected dog breeders network, we can source and supply the dogs you require for training. At this point, the dogs - depending on their age - will begin their high standard of training courses at Inter Dogs as per the client’s request. All dogs are assessed from day one. A progress score report is done daily and calculated by the week of your dog’s performance through its training. At the end of your dog’s training course it has to pass a final exam which can entail up to 35 different commands depending on the type of training you required. On a pass of a final exam your dog will then be provided with a certificate, stating its ability in obedience, guarding or any other trained duties. For any reason the dogs fails there exam we would need to keep your dog for a further period until such time it passes.  

Distance No Object


Additional Services 

Some of our customers are unable to travel to us.

So why not let us collect your dog. 

We will bring it back to our facility and train and return your dog home to the standard you require. 

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Whatever the problems you are experiencing with your dog. 

Please feel free to give me a Call or just Email so we can discuss your requirements further.

Lets make your dog the next success story!!